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School of Continuing Nursing Education

School of Continuing Nursing Education

Advancements in healthcare happen on an almost daily basis, and Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) is lifelong professional development that enables nurses to stay updated with these changes in their professions throughout the course of their careers. Nurses are required to have a deep commitment to maintaining minimal standards of competence, enhancing their competencies and skills. This results in improved patient outcomes and measurable reduction in medical errors, raising nursing standards and professionalism.

The School of Continued Nursing Education is dedicated to providing high quality courses in professional development that have current relevance in the global medical environment.

Increase your professional competence and personal growth!

The School of Continuing Nursing Education offers courses that help nurses to stay updated with the latest in nursing professional development, and recognise and respond to advancements in the global medical field. The course curriculum is regularly updated to have current relevance and incorporate all the latest technological and medical advancements in the industry. Graduates of these courses will have the confidence and capabilities to cope with all the ever growing demands made on them, in order to give their patients the best possible medical care.

What will your studies entail?

The advanced knowledge and skills from these programs will allow you to stay abreast with industry knowledge and best practices, so that you can get employment in the most sought after hospitals and healthcare facilities in the country and provide superior quality patient care. Our course content systematically lays out theory and clinical skills, offering step-by-step procedural knowledge that you will be able to apply immediately into your clinical practice. These courses offer the mandatory units required for professional relicensing.

NCAP is developed and delivered in collaboration with Health Careers, Australia, a global provider of healthcare education and research that is committed to quality health education in Australia and across the world.

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All Nurses and are required to keep up with current trends and advancements in the Nursing profession, and proof of Continuing Professional Development units is critical for re-registration every year. Professional regulatory bodies have developed best practices and mandates on Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) for Nurses. Nurses who fail to meet these revalidation standards will cause their registration to lapse, and cannot legally work in the country. Our Continuous Nursing Education and Professional Development courses will allow a professional and positive learning experience for its student and ensure their knowledge, skills and attitudes are augmented and their contributions to quality health care are enriched.

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