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School of Healthcare Management

School of Healthcare Management

Healthcare managers are those who work to manage the way healthcare is delivered and implemented in the everyday practices of healthcare institutions. They are the people who keep healthcare organizations running smoothly, and make positive changes within the environment where they work. The School of Healthcare Management is dedicated to providing high quality management courses that are relevant to current best practices in the industry.

Keep the wheels of the healthcare industry turning!

While medical staff like doctors and nurses are most commonly associated with the healthcare industry, it is the healthcare management team that works behind the scenes to ensure that all departments are running efficiently. As a healthcare manager, you will be well equipped to keep up with changes in healthcare regulations and advancements in technology, and have to ensure that all operations including human resources, finance and marketing work in a synchronised manner within the healthcare system. You will have to plan sustainable managerial strategies, and direct effectiveness and profitability while implementing excellent patient care.

Growing industry needs for skilled personnel to fill these managerial positions has led to an increase in demand for the healthcare management field. For those who have the right inclination, these courses can lead to exciting career opportunities.

What will your studies entail?

Study programs in this sector aim to address the specific needs of aspiring healthcare administrators through a combination of theoretical modules in the management field, and hands-on practical experience obtained through real world healthcare delivery environments. Course curriculum is designed based on the interdisciplinary skills needed to manage the delivery of quality healthcare. Students are trained in best practices in managerial leadership and will be well equipped to work in challenging positions in the global healthcare industry. All courses are accredited and have quality assured course content, with course delivery led by experienced industry experts, so that graduates are prepared well to work within the scope of the roles for which they qualify.

Flexibility - Work, Study and Live

The courses listed on this site are offered through blended or on-campus learning. Innovative e-learning, virtual platforms for student-teacher interaction and social media networking open up exciting new learning pathways. Practical skills are taught through placements in healthcare facilities and through hands-on exercises in well equipped, real world environments.

Course pathways

Graduates may progress to higher level qualifications within and/or across the health care sector. Potential pathways within the health sector to Advanced Diploma and Bachelor Degree programs can be negotiated.

The HLT47315 - Certificate IV in Health Administration will train healthcare professionals to oversee operations and lead an administration team. Health administration workers will get the right knowledge and training to work competently in a supervisory position, and will learn how to plan, organise and manage administrative aspects of healthcare services.

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The HLT57715 - Diploma of Practice Management is designed to provide the requisite knowledge and skills to business or practice managers who manage the operation of small to medium sized health practices. This Diploma qualification covers the skills and knowledge required to oversee the operations and promotion of medical, dental and health practices.

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The HLT37315 - Certificate III in Health Administration is designed for workers in the health industry who follow known routines and procedures and take responsibility for their own work under supervision. This course teaches skills in communication, customer service and technical aspects, suitable for the role of a Health Administration worker.

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